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BlephEx Treatment in the Greater Milwaukee Area

inflammation of the eyelids

Blepharitis is the medical term for a condition more commonly known as inflammation of the eyelids. In order to have proper tear production, your eyelids must be in good health. Blepharitis usually affects the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow, and most of our patients experience the condition in both eyes. Tiny oil glands located near the base of the eyelashes can become inflamed, essentially making them ineffective.

symptoms include itchy eyelids

Often due to skin conditions or allergies, symptoms include itchy eyelids, they may look greasy and crusted. And Dry Eye is often a result.

Treat this condition requires cleaning your eyelids

As the symptoms increase in severity, the discomfort leads to a lot of eye rubbing. And the eye rubbing exacerbates the symptoms, putting the patient in an endless loop of discomfort, pain and dry eyes.


Blephex Treatment

We use the BlephEx treatment to give you healthy eyelids for life. This procedure will reduce or alleviate these chronic and debilitating symptoms.

Treatments are initially needed at regular intervals, depending on the severity of your condition. Over time, the health of the eyelid returns.

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